Signature cuisine, impeccable hospitality and human warmth

Our kitchens,
a true point of pride.

Cooking Philosophy

Alfonso Iaccarino, his wife Livia and their sons
Ernesto and Mario brought to the
San Barbato the same philosophy and the same passion that made
the Don Alfonso 1890 one of the most important
restaurants in the world, a temple of hospitality.

The Kitchen Staff of San Barbato Resort offers
gourmet cuisine in all catering outlets, including
Weddings and Banqueting. At any time our chefs
will surprise you with dishes in which the high
quality of raw products is combined with the
mastery of processing, with a total satisfaction of
taste and sight.

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The Resort offers high-quality catering services in
all its food outlets through the exclusive Don
Alfonso 1890 San Barbato restaurant, the
evocative Terrazza Bellavista Franciacorta (unique
in the world), two Banqueting Halls, the
Conference Center, the pool with Pool Bar and the
buffet areas inside and in the ouside Park.

Our kitchens

At the San Barbato Resort the restaurant is our crowning glory and the
kitchens are the real beating heart of the structure. 
For this reason, we equipped the restaurant 
Don Alfonso 1890, the reception halls and the Terrazza Bellavista with the
best professional kitchens available on the market, choosing two partners of
absolute prestige: Electrolux and Molteni.
All the machines, only top lines of the range, are of the latest generation,
have a high technological content and guarantee an impeccable treatment
and processing of the foods. 
Seeing the kitchen brigades at work among sparkling steels, digital displays,
vapours, dishes, aromas and colours is a real spectacle.