Spa & Fitness Center


Spa & Fitness Center

Regenerate your body and mind.


The Spa Vitas bears the signature of the prestigious international brand.


We offers you several re-energising paths and you can choose from some of the most beneficial and regenerating treatments. products and application techniques are the fruit of over 60 years of dialogue with the clients. treatments are totally unique. They combine the power of the Touch – a specialized and skillful massage – with the purest plant extracts and aromatic essential oils. The result is a blissful sensory experience that addresses the way you look and feel.



An exclusive 100% manual Method, high-performance formulas with a high concentration of plant extracts and a unique, sensorial experience every time.

In the hands of expert Beauty Therapists, the skin experiences the pleasures of a personalized treatment: precise, targeted movements flow one after the other, perfectly adapted to your needs and desires, to deliver immediately visible and long-lasting beauty results and well-being.


Researchers use all the resources of science to uncover the beauty secrets of plants, analyse their cosmetic properties and study their interactions with the skin.
To design unique, high-performance, pioneering formulas which respect the skin’s natural balance. This is why signs the most beautiful Spas in the world.


The Wellness Circuit in our Spa, ideal prelude for any treatment, includes:


• The Steam Bath
• The Finnish Sauna
• The Rasul
• The Salt Room
• The Emotional Showers;
• The Water Blade
• The Ice Waterfall;
• The Maxi Hot Tub – able to host up to fifteen people.


There is also a Herbal Tea room (Tisaneria) and our Chefs have studied Special Health Menus to accompany you on a well-being path that also includes a correct and balanced diet.

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9 pm

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