Sansei Japanase Restaurant


Every evening from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Sansei Japanase Restaurant


SANSEI was born from a great passion for cooking and a love for the highest quality raw materials.

Chef Nobuya Niimori, in his important journey, has succeeded in fusing knowledge of traditional Japanese culture with Italian cuisine, and in each of his dishes, every single element

is expressed to the fullest in the constant pursuit of refined cuisine without excessive seasoning.

In the SNANSEI restaurant, Chef Nobuya Niimori transfers all his knowledge, expert processing of materials and the typical, exclusive Japanese technique of preparation.

Love for his own land, traditions, great curiosity for Italy with its unique products and the ability to harmoniously blend different culinary cultures are the key elements of the ambitious SANSEI project.

An innovative cuisine, a meeting of excellence, which has as its protagonist a team with a great understanding animated by a strong, unique passion and that expands an offer of high catering difficult to replicate and in full San Barbato “Circle” style.

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