Don Alfonso 1890
Don Alfonso 1890
Don Alfonso 1890
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Every night from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm,
closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Don Alfonso 1890


Mirror of a culinary identity that innovates respecting the culture and history of the Mediterranean diet, the Don Alfonso 1890 San Barbato is an emanation of the historic starred restaurant of the Sorrento Peninsula.

Alfonso Iaccarino, his wife Livia and their sons Ernesto and Mario brought to the San Barbato the same philosophy and the same passion that made the Don Alfonso 1890 one of the most important restaurants in the world, a temple of hospitality: signature cuisine, impeccable hospitality and human warmth.


Each dish is made exclusively with the best quality ingredients, combined with great skill and awareness to create dishes which are unique both in taste and in aesthetic performance.
The attention and the meticulous care of details characterize this type of cuisine and represent the high standard of quality guaranteed in every context and situation: there is no difference whether they cook for two or two hundred guests.

At the Don Alfonso 1890 San Barbato also the sight is totally satisfied and often amazed.

The guests are immersed in a stylish total black environment.
The black colour, with its elegance and its evocative power, is a sort of frame that makes the attention focus on the huge panoramic windows and on the kitchen, also total black, open-style and unique in its kind.
The dinner becomes an interactive culinary experience offering the view of a brigade of gourmet cuisine immersed in its fascinating work, with a suggestive play of light that accompanies the preparations and mise en place, from the appetizers to the desserts.

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