Club House

Design meets nature in perfect sybiosis.

The CLUB HOUSE, it is an integral part of the Resort, a multipurpose building dedicated to Hospitality, with the exclusive Proxima pizzeria by Franco Pepe placed on the Roof terrace and the areas dedicated to the activities of the Golf Club on the ground floor, everything has been designed to offer Relax & Leisure in a truly San Barbato style.

The asparing building, designed by Studio Eoss architecture, is characterized by a modern structure with a sinuous and curved profile completed by a newly built architectural cover in steel, Etfe, wood, glass and vertical greenery.

The rooms, all junior suites, have an elegant and essential design with sinuous and very fluid floor plan shapes. Each element has been designed “to measure” and all the elements, even the furniture and finishes, have been conceived as unique elements.

On the Roof Top is Franco Pepe’s Proxima pizzeria, unique in its kind for operation and elegance, it has two rooms, each with its own wood-burning oven. A glass slot allows guests to see the pizza chefs at work in the laboratory, the real heart of the pizzeria. From the two rooms you can access the large outdoor terrace with a special cover / ceiling in translucent cushions by Etfe and surrounded by a vertical green wall that filters the view towards the beautiful Vulture plain, there is even a surprising transparent swimming pool suspended in the void.


Throughout the Club House, particular importance was given to the lighting project: light used as the language of languages, a decisive factor in determining and describing the space and for the emotional involvement of guests.


13 luglio 2024 – ore 22.00